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Fully Automatic Oil test sets
Fully Automatic Oil test sets

Automatic Oil Tester / Calibration Facility..

Automatic Oil Tester
Automatic Oil Tester


Theses tester sets are used for determining the di-electric BDV of insulating oils, both new and in-service from transformers, switchgear and other electrical equipments.

Sr no. Test code Initial Stand Time (Sec.) Rate of rise of test volt.(Kv/Sec) Inter Mediate Stir (Sec.) Inter Mediate Stir (sec) No. of Tests. Remarks.
1. 5Min : Test 60 2 30 30 3 Tests till breakdown
2. ASTM : D877 140 3 - 60 5 -Do-
3 ASTM : D1816 180 0.5 Continuous Stir 60 5 -Do-
4. IEC 156 180 2 60 60 6 -Do-
5. ISS 6792 600 2 60 300 6 -Do-

Supply Voltage :230V : 50H, Single Phase
Output Voltage : 0-60Kv or 0-80Kv or 0-100Kv variable (Any one)
Stirrer :A magnetic stirrer is provided in the instruments
Metering & Display :Digital Kv meter to read output test voltage.
The LCD display unit will indicate all the parameters one after another as per the program
Protection :

  1. Fuse
  2. An electric circuit to trip the instrument when the leakage current through the oil under test will exceed the preset limit
Cabinet :Power coated sheet metal cabinet
Optional :RS 232 computer interface
Safety Arrangement :
  1. Zero start interlock.
  2. Oil chamber door interlock
  3. Low level, high level interlock for motor
  4. Fast acting electronics type current sensing circuit in the event of insulation failure of the oil under test
  5. Facility to quit the process any time.
Printer : Built in thermal printer
Stabdard Accessories :
  1. Mains cord, detachable, 1.5 mtr long.
  2. Oil test cell with electrodes
  3. Electrode spacing gauges GO & NO-GO
  4. Operating instruction manual.

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